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New Class: Next Level Yin Yoga

We have a new Friday schedule! Spend the evening with Isaac first for Yang to Yin followed by Next Level Yin Yoga.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced meditative yoga practice that targets the fascia and connective tissues of the body by holding floor-based postures long periods of time, typically 3 to 10 minutes. 

In this class, Isaac focuses on taking your yoga practice to the next level through a focus on stillness and mindfulness of your unique body. When we are able to stay present and in the moment, we open ourselves to a deeper relationship with ourselves and a more powerful experience on the mat, with the goal being to apply the same skills we practice in life off the mat as well. 

No prior experience in yin yoga is required. The class is not designed to be physically challenging, so in that sense it is open and accessible to all levels of fitness and yoga experience. However, the class challenges and strengthens the student’s inner practice through the long-held stillness. Many consider yin yoga to be a gateway to a deeper meditation practice. 

As a part of the meditative and mindfulness practice, between poses students will be offered a resting pose, called the “rebound” by yin yoga founder Paul Grilley. The rebound allows students to rest, turn their attention inward, and experience the effects of the previous pose. Over time students can develop a deeper understanding of their body and mind, as well as how they are the impacted by their yoga practice.

The class is designed to allow students to let go of their week and simply be, and this class is a great way to complement and continue the prior class on the schedule, yang-to-yin flow.    

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