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Essential Yoga: Finding Balance with Essential Oils and Yoga Asana, March 13

Essential Yoga: Finding Balance with Essential Oils and Yoga Asana, March 13, 1-3pm

This Practice, using Forrest Yoga sequencing, introduces the integration of essential oils, movement and breath.  As the body warms, it acts as its own diffuser, allowing the benefits of each oil to permeate fully.  The collection of essential oils for this class is specifically chosen to help support the body’s system to function optimally.  In this practice we will layer 8 essential oils and blends to reduce anxious feelings, support immunity and healthy responses to inflammation, overall returning the body to homeostasis balance.  Paired with yoga, the oils help the body and mind return move toward a holistic state of being.

This all-levels workshop will introduce doTERRA Essential Oils aromatically, topically and internally to enhance and deepen our practice.  Experience the powerful impact as we combine nature’s liquid plant essence and yoga.

Yoga Instructor, Lisa Loring, and visiting doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Michelle Neuner, will introduce The Essential Yoga Program in a unique 2-hour workshop.  Lisa is a Forrest and Yin Yoga Instructor.  Through a constant emphasis on  the breath and using the breath in specific ways,  she helps students connect to a physical practice that enables access to the emotional and mental bodies, thus releasing stress from the deep tissues.  Michelle is a Licensed Massage Therapist in RI,Associate of Othro-Bionomy Bodywork and a yogi.  She travels often to share her knowledge and passion of essential oils.