Private Training

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Science has shown the kind of breath-linking movement we do in yoga is an essential component in the development of our brains and organs! Give your kids a healthy dose of this great practice in our super fun weekly kids yoga classes. We’ll explore, we’ll giggle, we’ll have fun, and, we’ll tap into that source of ease and peace that’s within us all, regardless of age.

Whether you're pregnant, and wanting to maintain your yoga practice, or you're new to yoga entirely, schedule a private one-on-one session geared to introduce tools you can take into regular group yoga. You’ll feel more confident continuing to practice, to move and breathe, in a wise and healthy way throughout your pregnancy!


New to yoga, and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of a group class? Or, are you looking to refine an existing yoga or meditation practice? Train one-on-one with a Yoga NoMa instructor. You’ll learn techniques and tools to help enhance both your group class, or home practice experience. 

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