Drop-in Prices

With great donated space and neighborhood partnerships, Yoga NoMa is able to offer all our classes at reasonable prices.

An occasional yogi? Drop in to a Yoga NoMa class for  $15. Just reserve a spot in any of our classes, and you'll be prompted for payment.


Enjoy 3 classes over the course of 1 week for just $20!

- Or - 

Our new student member special offers unlimited yoga for 30 days for just $70. Sign up today.

Class Passes

Yoga NoMa offers class passes at two awesomely affordable rates:

3 class pass for $42, valid for 1 month after purchase.

5 class pass for $68, valid for 1 month after purchase.

7 class pass for $94, valid for 1.5 months after purchase.

10 class pass for $135, valid for 2 months after purchase.

All class passes can be purchased through your Mindbody Account.

Note: Class passes activate the day of purchase. Additionally, passes are not transferable. Classes on expired passes can be rolled over to new class pack purchases. Gilt City class packs and other promotional class passes are not available for rollover. Upon purchase of new class pack, simply email yoga@yoganoma.com. Thanks!

In order to meet DC tax regulations, a 5.75 percent additional charge is made to all yoga-related purchases.


Want to make yoga a regular part of your daily practice? Join Yoga NoMa as a member to receive unlimited classes for only $105 a month (plus DC mandated yoga sales tax)!

Note: The monthly unlimited is a membership, and will automatically renew the following month on the same date. If you'd like to avoid being charged, you are responsible for canceling your account before the next renewal date. Yoga NoMa does not offer refunds for monthly charges.

Your monthly membership starts on the date of purchase. You will receive an email after purchase with your renewal amount and date of next charge.  Yoga NoMa memberships can be cancelled any time via your Mindbody account.

Only credit/debit cards are accepted for drop-in classes (sorry, no cash, please).

Gift Certificates

What's the gift that keeps on giving? Yoga, of course!

Our awesomely affordable 3, 5, 7 and 10 class passes are available as gift certificates!

Email yoga@yoganoma.com to set your loved one up with the best gift, ever.