We at Yoga NoMa believe with our whole, infinite hearts, in the mind-body process called yoga. We believe it's one of the most effective ways to down-regulate stress and all of its mind-body implications, up-regulate feeling pretty darn good, and tap into the infinite source of ease and peace, within.

We want to help you feel better, because it's our soul purpose! 

Our pledge to you, dear community is this:

  • Do our best to stay one of DC's most affordable studios;

  • Maintain our clean, healing space, to keep it simple, and to not try and sell ya anything;

  • Staff our classes with dedicated, experienced, and imaginative teachers;

  • Show up, on time, and on message, every time we teach.

Reach out if you've got questions, comments, suggestions, or just wanna say hi.

Thank you, Community, for being you.

The Light in us salutes the very same, awesome Teacher inside of you. Namaste.