As of January 9, this coming Monday, we will switch to the online scheduling system MindBody Online. 

Drop-in Students:  Starting Monday, log into your MindBody account, and make your purchase purchase.

Pack Holders with Existing Classes: Please continue to sign up through Routeam, using your existing packs, until January 30, or until the packs are used, or expire (whichever occurs first). After January 30, I will manually migrate your remaining classes over, and Routeam will no longer be accessible.

Please purchase all new packs through MindBody Online.

Monthly Members: I will contact each one of you individually, manually migrating over your membership.

All Existing Members: In most cases, your account information will have been automatically migrated. 

These are the steps you'll want to take to access your account:

1) Log into the studio site:

2) Where it says "Create an Account" you'll enter your first and last name. 

It most cases, you'll be directed to then select your name from a list (MBO will ask "is this you?", and then asked to validate your information.

In the case that your information wasn't migrated, you'll be asked to create a new account.

ALL YOGIS: So as to avoid spending time in studio doing so, please, also, sign the online waiver:

Please select the button "Already have an account/ need to add a minor" and complete the waiver online even if you have already completed a paper waiver in studio. I promise, this is the last time you'll be asked to sign a waiver!

Lastly, download the app: 

This is a pretty streamlined way to manage your account, register for, and cancel classes.

Please let us know if you have any questions!