Join Our Campaign: Awareness in Every Breath

There is no secret. It's not a trick. It doesn't require any degree of natural flexibility, or athleticism. Becoming a "yogi" - and the blessed compassionate awareness gifted therein - requires simple, sweet, dedicated practice.

We at Yoga NoMa want to help you practice.

Join our #awarenessineverybreath campaign.


Write a note about what awareness means to you, and send it to us at We'll post your words on our site so other yogis can, too, benefit from your accrued wisdom.

Or, share a picture (of you or not) that resonates with the phrase "awareness in every breath", tag us at @YogaNoMa and use the hashtag #awarenessineverybreath. Send us an email and let us know you've done so, and we'll be sure to share on our streams!

For either your words or your images, we'd love to offer you a discount on a class pass or a drop-in as thanks for being part of our community!