Yassah James, Yoga NoMa Featured Yogi

A pretty awesome thing is happening in our sweet little studio space: a community is growing. Every day, yogis gather together to move, breathe, sweat, meditate, grow taller and stronger, and feel better. Since we opened our doors some 8 months ago, strangers have become friends, newbies have become committed yogis, and, according to your testimonials, lives have changed. This month's featured yogi Yassah James has been an integral part in Yoga NoMa blossoming.

A committed yogini since her first day on the mat, Yassah's willingness to be challenged is as great as her bright smile and contagious laughter. Practicing with Yassah is a joy, and Yoga NoMa is grateful to call her a member of the Yoga NoMa sangha. Read Yassah's own words on how her practice has taken root, and blossomed, with Yoga NoMa.

I work two jobs, and am constantly on the move, so yoga was something I needed to bring balance to my life. Over the winter I found myself in a funk of sorts. I wasn't happy at my job, with my bad habits, or with an emptiness that I felt. Part of me felt like I was missing out - whether it was missing events, or calling out of work.  My great friend, Kayla, recommended yoga, and so I researched a style that I would enjoy, and that was close to home. Yoga NoMa fit both of those bills. I wanted something that would get me into better shape, and offer a peace of mind that cleared out the clutter in my head.

January 20th I dived in. I tried my first class, and although I couldn't hold a plank for 3 seconds, I wanted more. Rob Beilfus was my very first yoga instructor, and he made me feel more than comfortable with myself. Learning how yoga was a personal journey really resounded with me. Seeing these other yogis blossom into beautiful poses just showed me how capable I could be if I put my mind to it. In the beginning I just wanted to do a headstand and be super flexible, which is still on my goal list.

More recently over the past couple of months my practice has become a sanctuary of sorts, somewhere I can go after work and let it all go. Whether I fall out of poses, or can't do them at all the focus and thought I put into them helps me to breathe out the stress of things I can't conquer yet in my day to day life. It sounded strange to me when I would read about other yogis finding peace through a workout, but almost four months in, its clear why one of my favorite instructors reiterates how its not about the pose. Not only am I in better shape, but it is a million times easier for me to weed through what is important and what is not, my focus has improved and my overall mood as well. I'm someone who doesn't think everything is for everyone, but when it comes to yoga I think there is a style for everyone. Namaste.