Featured Teacher Emily Star

Join Emily for her weekly class offerings: Sunday morning and Wednesday lunchtime alignment inspired flows and two awesome weekly workshops: Yoga for Beginners on Monday nights, and Wednesday Slow Flow and Restore.

Why I teach:

In a decade of practice, I have experimented with many different styles of yoga and variation upon variation of postures and sequencing, and learned a lot along the way. I hope to share what I've accumulated with others, particularly concerning how to modify poses and transitions - how to keep things interesting and challenging, and when to keep things simple.

More broadly, I've found that yoga practice has made me more at peace with myself and others, happier, and calmer. I think the world would be greatly enriched if more of us felt that way, so I'm spreading what worked for me.

Why I practice:

Because there's still so much to explore...and also because I get cranky and anxious if I don't!

Why I love Yoga NoMa:

I've been so impressed by all of the students who have fearlessly started or re-started their yoga practice now that there's a yoga studio in the neighborhood! As a student myself, I love that I can practice with some of my favorite teachers. April and Ariele have led trainings that I've gained so much from, Julia's classes are like long-form prose poems, Lisa has taught me so much about self-care, and Marietta's workshops are not to be missed.