Featured Teacher: Jasiri Nkalati


I practice because like my fellow beings, I simply want to feel well. I practice because practice makes better, on and off the mat. I practice because it helps me to minimize the gap between how I show up on the mat and how I show up to life, with the goal being acceptance towards what's available to me now. 


I teach because innately I am a teacher. For as long as I can remember, I've been teaching one subject or another. I am purposed with sharing what lands for me with others. Initially I decided to teach yoga because I discovered how asana practice combined with direct focus on the breath preserved my sense of calm, self-care, and self-knowing during a time of profound depression. I eagerly wanted to assist others in discovering the same for themselves. The thought of teaching scared me, a lot. But i am committed to growth by engaging scenarios that teach me how to befriend fear and consequently move with courage. Eventually i discovered that occupying the role of teacher consistently asks me to embody what i ask of others. It is a practice i am fully committed to nurturing. I used to teach for others before myself. Now its the reverse. I teach in a way that honors my true heart, my true voice, my true intentions. From this space i am able to offer others my best self. Without fail, there is always medicine for me when i teach. 


I love teaching at Yoga Noma because the physical space is serene, which lends to the energetics of the space. I certainly appreciate having a space that's settling in nature so that i can practice and/or teach in peace. 

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