All Levels Classes

Our All Level classes are open to every level of practitioner. Teachers offer modifications and amplifications to meet the need of every practitioner from new to experienced. Moreover, you’ll find a supportive, constructive, creative space in which you’ll be able to explore the strength and flexibility within the physical body, as well as the ease and peace within the mental body. Beginners are welcome, though we highly suggest also checking out one of our introductory offerings!

All level sunrise flows invite body and mind to begin the day in sweet, mindful relation. Though the tenor and structure of the class is instructor dependent, each class is geared to leave every level of practitioner feeling both energized, and soothed, prepared to take on everything and anything your weekday presents.

Join us for a midday practice geared to help ease workweek tensions before they accrue. Lunchtime classes are powerful without being too sweaty, and restful without putting you to sleep. You’ll leave feeling recharged, rebooted, and ready for the rest of your day. Plan to stay a little longer and join us for our lunchtime post class by-donation meditation!

Evening Flow classes are a mix of rocking music, strong asana, and sweet meditation. Classes are structured to offer a complete experience for mind, body, and spirit. Tenor and structure of evening flow classes are instructor dependent, so we recommend checking them all out!

Weekend yoga invites mind and body and to metabolize the week’s accrued tensions, in the interest of creating more space for relaxation, and renewal. Flows are strong and challenging, though welcoming to all levels.  Though the tenor and structure of the class is instructor dependent, be prepared to leave every weekend class feeling awesome.